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Release date: September 10, 2008

cover design by Justin Boo

  1. “Hold Me Down” (prod. CeeRock)
  2. “R.O.C.K.” (prod. CeeRock)
  3. “Lost In The Fog” (prod. CeeRock)
  4. “Hustle feat. CeeRock and Ritchie” (prod. CeeRock)
  5. “Drive (Innerlude)” (prod. CeeRock)
  6. “Dare You” (prod. CeeRock)
  7. “MLK” (prod. CeeRock)
  8. “California feat. Kiwi and Jern Eye” (prod. CeeRock)
  9. “Women 101 (feat. CeeRock)” (prod. CeeRock)
  10. “I’d Rather Be feat. CeeRock” (prod. CeeRock)
  11. “Lost Ones feat. Ritchie and Iris” (prod. CeeRock)
  12. “Problems feat. Beetiki” (prod. CeeRock)
  13. “The Meaning” (prod. CeeRock)
  14. “Hands Up feat. P-Funk, Enoch and CeeRock” (prod. CeeRock)

Purple Yam Cafe
by Emassin

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