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Release date: December 31, 2012

all tracks (except 7) recorded and mixed by Arndroid
track 7 recorded and mixed by CeeRock
cover photo by Arndroid

  1. “La Belle Noire” (prod. Arndroid)
  2. “Live In Brooklyn” (prod. Arndroid)
  3. “Out Of Body” (prod. Arndroid)
  4. “Finding Life At Thirty” (prod. Arndroid)
  5. “It’s Now Or Never” (prod. Arndroid)
  6.  “Now What (Money & B!tch#s)” (prod. Arndroid)
  7. “Nothin’ Much” (prod. CeeRock)
  8. “Planet Trauma 2”

La Belle Noire
by Emassin

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