canary blues
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Release date: December 31, 2010

all tracks recorded and mixed by Arndroid
cover artwork by Emassin

  1. “Dear Sunrise feat. Beetiki” (prod. Arndroid)
  2. “Dreams” (prod. DR.CSK)
  3. “Chasing Pirates” (prod. Arndroid)
  4. “Get Your Way feat. Bret Falco” (prod. Arndroid)
  5. “Cold Blooded” (prod. Sir Tipp)
  6. “Throw Your Hands Up”
  7. “Cousin Ace”
  8. “Loving My Life” (prod. DR.CSK)
  9. “Even Though feat. P-Funk and Enoch” (prod. Arndroid)
  10. “Sweet Mary”

Canary Blues
by Emassin

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