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Release date: January 1, 2003

  1. Intro
  2.  Make It Happen
    produced by CeeRock
  3. The Watcher Remix
    CeeRock and Emassin
  4. Ain’t What It Was
    Emassin, Element, Geez
    produced by CeeRock
  5. Gideons Flight 27 featuring King Midas and CeeRock produced by CeeRock
  6. Don’t Say Nothin CeeRock, Emassin, Element, Geez featuring DJ Antriks produced by CeeRock
  7. Flipside Remix
  8. Rhythm
    CeeRock, Emassin, Element featuring DJ Antriks
    produced by CeeRock
  9. People Have It Worse
    CeeRock and Emassin featuring Eternal Image
    produced by CeeRock
  10. Hole In Yo Mind
    665 featuring CeeRock
    produced by CeeRock
  11. Rock That
    Emassin, Element, CeeRock and Geez
    produced by CeeRock
  12. Music
    CeeRock, Element, Emassin
    produced by CeeRock
  13. Goodbye
    Boutique and Geez featuring Reina Aguiao
    produced by CeeRock
  14. Flava From The Bay
  15. It Don’t Stop
    Element, Geez and Buutiki
    produced by Element XP
  16. My Back’s Against The Wall
    Cherokee featuring Iris
    produced by CeeRock
  17. Keep It Casual
    Iris featuring Emassin
    produced by CeeRock
  18. Children’s Cry Buutiki and Emassin
    produced by CeeRock
  19. Till We Drop
    Emassin, Element, Geez
    produced by Element
  20. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
    Geez, Emassin and Element
    produced by Element
  21. Let Us In
    Produced by Element

Groundwork and Darksyde Productions present ELEMNOP Mixtape Volume One
Executive Producer CeeRock
Producer Element
Co-Producers Emassin, Geez, Buutiki
Mastered by CeeRock at Groundwork Studios, Colma, CA
ELEMNOP is Buutiki, Element, Emassin, CeeRock and Geez
Featuring 665, DJ Antriks, Flight 27, King Midas, Iris, Uno, Risk One and Reina Aguiao
Art and design direction by Nino Pelaez /
Affiliates: and FK Productions

ELEMNOP Mixtape Volume 1


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