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Release date: November 1, 2005

Executive Producer: CeeRock
Produced by Element
DJ Antriks on the Wheels of Steel
Art/Design: Nino Pelaez / unodesigns.com

  1. We’re Back
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, CeeRock, Buutiki, Geez, Element
    Produced by CeeRock
  2. L – Produced by CeeRock
    ELEMNOP – CeeRock, Emassin, Geez, Element, Buutiki
    Produced by CeeRock
  3. Stop and Look
    ELEMNOP – Element, Emassin, Buutiki
    Produced by Element
  4. City
    ELEMNOP – Emassin
    Produced by CeeRock, Co-produced by Arnold Dizon
  5. This Ain’t Living featuring Reina
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, Element, Geez featuring Reina
    Produced by CeeRock
  6. Hard 2 MC
    ELEMNOP – Element, Emassin, Geez
    Produced by Element
  7. Bobby Filipino
  8. Now’s Our Time featuring Reina
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, CeeRock, Geez, Buutiki featuring Reina
    Produced by CeeRock
  9. Wake Up
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, Element, CeeRock
    Produced by Element
  10. Mr. President featuring 665
    ELEMNOP – Buutiki, Emassin featuring 665
    Produced by CeeRock
  11. Bang
    ELEMNOP – Buutiki & Emassin
    Produced by CeeRock
  12. Still Water
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, Buutiki, CeeRock
    Produced by CeeRock
  13. From My Brown Eyez featuring Kiwi
    ELEMNOP – CeeRock, Emassin, Buutiki featuring Kiwi
    Produced by CeeRock
  14. Rain featuring Reina
    ELEMNOP – CeeRock, Buutiki, Element featuring Reina
    Produced by CeeRock
  15. The Blast
    ELEMNOP – Emassin & CeeRock
    Produced by CeeRock
  16. Brotherhood
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, Element, CeeRock, Buutiki, Geez
    Produced by CeeRock
  17. It Don’t Quit
    ELEMNOP – Emassin, Element, Buutiki, Geez
    Produced by Element

From the Ground Up


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